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Official Review: Ovo S1


The OVO S1 is a unique looking vibrator that appears to be a modern and elegant design.  This is my second product provided to me by OVO for review, the first being the OVO E6.  It comes delivered in professional looking packaging and some simple instructions.  The German Engineered S1 is covered in 100% body safe silicone, completely waterproof and comes with a USB recharging cord for its lithium-ion battery.  OVO also includes a 15 year warranty, which is very impressive. OVO did not skimp on materials when constructing the S1! As always, make sure to properly charge and clean the product before first use.  If you enjoy using lube for clitoral stimulation, I recommend a water based lube since the top portion is covered in latex.


The Ovo S1 is designed to provide external stimulation in the clitoral area.  It contains seven different vibration patterns and has a whisper quiet motor.  It is quite compact at 1.3 inches, just under 90mm, so it is easy to hide in your purse, luggage, bedroom, automobile, or wherever you may want to keep this.  It is available in 3 different colors, white pink, and black (which includes the gold metal finish).


Experiencing the OVO S1

The OVO S1 is good little clitoral stimulator! It is designed to offer pleasure in whatever way your body prefers, whether that’s pin point accuracy or a broader vibration.  Like the OVO E6, the S1 has lights on the power buttons which blink within the pattern that it is set for.  As a very visual person, this was a good point of reference while using this on my wife.  I didn’t have to intently focus on feeling or hearing the pattern since I could follow the blinking lights.  This is a great feature OVO includes on their products!

We used the S1 to assist in bringing my wife to climax during foreplay.  If you are really into power, I can’t recommend this product though.  My wife did climax while we used it, but it took more effort than our main bullet, the We-Vibe Tango. If you are new to toys or enjoy lighter vibrations, this is a good product for you! I started off by rubbing the larger gold metal portion of the S1 around her labia which gave her some nice stimulation.  The S1 is very quiet, so there are no noisy vibrations to distract from the mood.  She enjoyed having just a drop of water based lube in the area while I gently massaged the S1 in between her lips.  She really enjoyed the slow circular motion more than an up-down motion.

After her stimulation built up, I handed the device to her.  She proceeded to use the small black tip on her clit (she’s better at hitting that spot than I) as the vibrations transfer from the motor in the base through the latex tip.  She had a good orgasm from the tip pressing and vibrating on her clitoris.  The S1 is small enough that it does not get in the way if you want to use it during intercourse for more stimulation in your favorite position.  It worked well for us during cowgirl and doggy, as she held the tip against her while we had intercourse.



The OVO S1 is a nice external vibrator.  It can meet all her needs for whatever type of vibrations work best for her, broad strokes or pin point accuracy.  It is constructed with luxury in mind and has a very unique design.  The S1 can be lots of fun to use solo for her or to give that extra sensation during intercourse.  It isn’t overly powerful, so please take that into consideration when looking at this product.  It can also be used for other areas! I also enjoyed it when she rubbed the metal portion against my scrotum.  The tip could also be used on a man on his other erogenous zones.  If you are looking for something more to offer than a standard bullet vibe, and you don’t need overwhelming power, the OVO S1 is for you.

 I would like to thank Ovo  for providing the E6 for review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience

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