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Official Review: Pleasure Works Rippler

The Pleasure Works Rippler

I was excited when Good Vibrations gave me the opportunity to review the Rippler silicone dildo from Pleasure Works! I had recently found out our other dildo may have not been as safe as I originally thought. We were  very sad and dissappointed to dispose of it. We were in need of a replacement and the Rippler is 100% silicone!  This means that this hand made in the USA product is “non-toxic, hypoallergenic, phthalate free, non-porous, and easy to clean”. Rippler is also anal safe and harness compatible when equipped with a larger sized O-Ring.  The Rippler arrived in a standard card board box from Good Vibrations.  Once opening, there is no mistake what the Rippler is or looks like.  The Rippler is sealed in plastic inside it’s box and does not contain a storage bag.  I am storing this in the bag that came with my former dildo to prevent lint and dust adhering to the silicone.


The particular Rippler we received was purple with a slight sparkle to it, so it’s ready to party right out of the box!   It is also available in black.  The Rippler is 7 1/4″ long and has a diameter of 1 5/8″.  The phallic tip (which is the most penis resembling thing about Rippler) starts off small and the girth increases further down the shaft.  The shaft also contains “ripples” or “veins” that spiral down the shaft for increase sensations.  The Rippler is rather hard and slightly flexible and the curved shaft can provide g-spot or prostate stimulation.




Sending Ripples Down Her Spine….

The Pleasure Works Rippler is a great looking product.  While not a true realistic dildo, it is obvious that it is built like a penis.  The ripples are very defined and the product is on the larger size, but not enough to be scary.  It had been a while since we used a dildo, so as the norm, I engaged in some foreplay before using the Rippler.  I like to keep dildos hidden before using them with my wife for the first time. This is always fun to add the element of surprise! To start the evening, I made sure she was loosened up a bit so that there would be no pain with Rippler.  She used her We-Vibe Tango to orgasm and I made sure to apply a water based lube to her and the Rippler.  As always, use water based lubes with your silicone toys as silicone lube can break down the silicone on your toys.

The smaller tip is great as a starter. As I inserted the dildo into her I could feel each ripple going into her.  She could feel it on initial use and each ripple brought her a burst of pleasure!  It was great in a slow to medium twisting motion which increased the sensation of the dildo going in and out of her.  The pattern of the ripples goes into peaks on the back side of the Rippler, this also provides a new sensation.  After using the dildo in a missionary position, she rolled over into her favorite position on her knees.  The Rippler inserts very deep in doggy position.  My wife did mention that she couldn’t feel the ripples after we used it for a while, but that would vary on each person’s flexibility. She also expressed a desire for a vibrating version of this toy to increase the sensation.  We loved using it together, generally with me on my knees beside her or behind her.  She had a very powerful orgasm with the Rippler inserted and her legs clinched while grabbing me at the same time!



Waves of Passion

The Pleasure Works Rippler is our second dildo and we are happy to replace our previous dildo with it. The product is safe for everyone to use in any fashion you choose.  It can be cleaned with hot water and soap or your favorite cleaner.  I recommend storing it in a lint free bag which is not included. The Rippler is an attractive dildo and the waves of the ripples will provide additional pleasure when inserted.  I recommend this toy for those that like some size and girth, but nothing monstrous.  We thought the firmness was the perfect ratio and it was lots of fun to use in foreplay before engaging in intercourse. It is also great to use in solo play.  We are looking forward to using the Rippler in our routine sex life!

I would like to thank Andy and Good Vibrations for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience


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