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Official Review: OVO E6


The Ovo E6 is a beautifully constructed vibrator that has the look and feel of another entry in the luxury vibe market.  I was very excited when Ovo provided me with some of their products for review! It comes delivered in professional looking packaging and some simple instructions.  The E6 is covered in 100% body safe silicone, completely waterproof and comes with a USB recharging cord for it’s lithium-ion battery.  Ovo also includes a 15 year warranty, which is very impressive. Ovo did not skimp on materials when constructing the E6! As always, make sure to properly charge and clean the product before first use and use all silicone toys with a water based lube.


The Ovo E6 is made to pleasure! It contains 3 motors, ultra powerful vibrations, and 7 different vibration patterns.  The motors are contained in each section of the E6, so you can receive stimulation in the vaginal area, the clitoral area, or if you want a little more girth, the larger “handle” end also vibrates! This is the first product I have come across where the vibration is available in every section of the vibrator.  This is very unique and well done Ovo!


Experiencing the OVO E6 

The Ovo E6 was a fun toy to review with all it’s different functions.  The handle has two buttons for control.  The first toggles which motors are running, the other toggles the 7 patterns.  The intensity has only 2 levels. We would have liked at least 1 more intensity setting to be honest.  A light indicates that the E6 is on and it also blinks along with the pattern of the vibe.  This is another unique feature Ovo offers.  I enjoyed it while using it on my wife so I could visualize the pattern.  Each end of the E6 has an angle that works for g-spot stimulation. My wife really enjoyed the girth of the larger end.  She does not have g-spot orgasms often, but it gave her a top level of pleasure while in use.

The dual end stimulation is what really hits the spot for her on these types of toys. When we first started using toys she rarely came from clitoral stimulation. It seems the more and more we use toys in that area, the more she has become in tune with her clitoris.  The simulator on the E6 is quite long, and a little too long for her anatomy.  It was a bit difficult to get the clitoral simulator in the right spot, but the design of the E6 allows flexibility with the arm.  She had to work with the arm a bit, but eventually got it positioned in the right spot for her to climax.



The Ovo E6 is a well built safe and fun toy that could be great for someone looking to start in the luxury end of vibrators.  It’s constructed with the highest quality and has many unique features.  It can be used as a couples toys, with vibrations occurring on both ends simultaneously, in various types of solo play, in the bath, shower, hot tub, or wherever suits your needs.  Have fun exploring all of it’s different options!


 I would like to thank Ovo  for providing the E6 for review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience




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