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Official Review: Ela Rechargeable Vibrating Ring

Ela Rechargeable Vibrating Ring

I was excited when Good Vibrations gave me the opportunity to review Ela, a luxury branded vibrating cock ring from Key Pleasure. Up to this point I have primarily reviewed products aimed at the female orgasm (which I love!), but selfishly, I was ready for something to stimulate me as well! Ela was delivered in a very professional package and was presented very nice in the box with a velvet backing.




Ela is constructed with waterproof silicone and a rechargeable battery which is charged with a magnetic USB cord.  Ela has a two inch ring and very flexible for all penis sizes. It also has a nice silver button for power and toggle through it’s five vibrating patterns.  It also has a texture to aid in clitoral stimulation.  It is available in three colors and looks like a quality product.


With this Ring I Thee Vibrate?

I mentioned before Ela was the first quality vibrating ring we have used.  I have received disposable ones with condom variety packs but they were often too tight and didn’t do much for anyone outside of some giggles.  Ela is meant to be charged for a few hours before the first use, much like every rechargeable product.  It has a USB cord with a magnetic connection for the ring.  I promptly read the instructions (always do this with a new product!), plugged in the cord and attached the magnet.  I have past experiences with magnet chargers before, most of which have a light that appears to verify the connection. The connections felt secure but there was no light.  After reviewing the instructions I did not see any indication of a light so after verifying the connection, I walked away.  Later in the evening we were excited to use it! I pressed the silver button to test the vibrations and nothing!  Nada! Not even a buzz?  It was very frustrating! After messing with the connections a little more, the magic light appeared! Ugh, it did have a light.  Good to know, but it should be specified in the instructions.  The connections were very sensitive. It could have just been the one I received, but there is a light.  I proceeded to leave it on the charger till the next evening.

The next night we were once again ready to use Ela.  We engaged in some foreplay but skipped our standard toy play, which generally leads my wife to orgasm.  She was primed and ready, and so was I! A quick note, we currently use condoms for our contraception.  Due to this, I do not have any issues with stamina and don’t need a ring to increase stamina.  That is one of the features of Ela, but not one I can review.  The two inch ring stretched and fit over my erection without a problem.  I turned on the first vibration, and it felt nice against me.  We used Ela in several positions involving me on top, her on top and me from behind.  We rotated Ela when from behind to see if it made a difference on rubbing it on the clitoral area  vs the anal area.  We tried all five vibration patterns.  None of our actions increased the pleasure.  My wife isn’t into super strong vibrations for orgasms, and she said it was just missing the punch.  The vibration just wasn’t strong enough for her to peak.  We actually took it off and I finished without it.  We then switched to her favorite toy for her to orgasm.  We later tried the ring after she already had an orgasm or two.  Ela just did not have enough power to do its job.  I really wanted it to work, but no such luck.  It’s the first higher end toy we’ve used that didn’t generate any orgasms in our testing.  My only other suggestion could be for a woman to use it solo, in a bath or with her favorite shower head, and maybe after enough time it could work.


Well I guess it’s pretty obvious that the Ela didn’t do anything for us.  I wish it did.  I’m a little sad it didn’t.  It looks great, is presented great, but the functionality just wasn’t there.  From the charging issues, to the lack of performance I just can’t recommend this product.  I want a fun toy that I can use to stimulate myself and my wife but Ela just isn’t it.

I would like to thank Andy and Good Vibrations for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience


2 thoughts on “Official Review: Ela Rechargeable Vibrating Ring

  1. Some of us have too experienced vibrating rings from over the counter at the local drugstore, the ones that comes with condoms as well. Even though i like the vibration feeling I think the ones tried in the past fail to make a noticeable impact on the female beside a light buzz.
    Honestly I am still a little curious to try myself, and probably some guys here would be as well, in hopes to a different reaction, looks very well built and probably could last a bit.
    Wondering if you will be giving it another go in a near future?


    1. I may revisit this in the future. After I get my vasectomy and I don’t have to wear condoms anymore I may use it to see if it affect stamina and try it again. We tried every position, I thought it would work with her on top, but it still didn’t do the trick. Most of her orgasms from intercourse occur with her on top, so it surprised me when it didn’t aid her. I really wanted to like this and have it become part of our normal routine, it just didn’t work for her.


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