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Official Review: Doc Johnson’s Mr Marcus

I Gave My Wife Doc Johnson’s Mr Marcus Realistic Dildo

After our sex lives started to heat up more and more, I was trying to think of new ways to spice things up.  I remembered a time my wife told me about a sexual dream she had. It involved her with me and another man. While she denies this is a fantasy of hers, I thought a realistic dildo would be a fun way to live this fantasy, without actually living it.  I had no idea there were so many options for dildos! Types of materials were deemed questionable, some women were allergic to the products, and some just weren’t made very well.  Doc Johnson is a company that makes their products in the United States, uses safe realistic UR3 material for construction, which is non phthalate with Doc Johnson’s exclusive Antibacterial SilAGel formula, which means it’s completely body safe.  When buying something that is going to be inserted into someone’s body, always make sure you are buying safe and tested material. Feel free to check out Good Vibrations Sex Ed Series: How to Choose a Dildo.*** Editors Note, it has come to my attention that there are some questions regarding the porus nature of UR3.  Please research and use at your own discretion as there are multiple sides to the claims Doc Johnson makes regarding the safety of UR3 Material!

mr marcus suction cup dildo

The Mr Marcus dildo is molded from a real porn star, Mr Marcus of course, all the way to the curvature, realistic textures, veins, and SIZE.  It is 9 inches long (7 inches insert-able) and 2 inches around.  So it’s pretty big, not overly HUGE, but the girth is larger than most men.  It also has a suction cup, and when used properly, it can stay attached to a surface for hours.

mr marcus suction cup dildo on headboard

Inserting Mr Marcus Into Our Lives

I knew that my wife would probably be a little nervous or uncomfortable with this product at first sight.  As with every product, it is very important on how you present it to your partner.  In my marriage, the bath tub with rose petals and candles is not how to introduce a 9 inch long 2 inch wide black realistic dildo! After dinner, I let her know that I had a surprise for her, but she couldn’t peek.  I put a blindfold on her and proceeded with foreplay, preparing her for her new present.  I made sure she was well lubricated naturally and with some Pink Silicone lube.


After inserting 3 fingers in her, I knew she was ready for her new toy.  The last thing I wanted to do was use it too early, cause her pain, and ruin the evening.  I started every so gently, slowly and gradually pumping it in her.  At first she didn’t know what was going on, but after she felt the thickness all the way inside her, I put her hand on me and she felt something new was happening.  She loved it! I left the blindfold on her the entire evening, but I did put her hands on the thick dildo so she could use it on her herself while I was in her mouth. After we both had orgasms, I removed the blindfold and her eyes opened very big to her surprise! She was amazed she took the entire thing and also gave a chuckle when I told her it was molded after a real man.

Living with Mr Marcus

We get this dildo out when feeling like getting real naughty.  It’s great for fantasy, masturbation, spicing things up, and use in the shower or tub.  The suction cup won’t budge if you attach it as the directions tell you.  I stuck it in our shower as a little joke once, and it stayed up all night.

mr marcus suction cup dildo on shower wall

It’s fun to personify Mr Marcus, and we make jokes about it to each other.  Mr Marcus even gave my wife a Christmas present! It isn’t too long, my wife really enjoys the thickness of it more than the length.  She has complained during doggy style that it can go too deep.  I suggest taking it slow and twisting it around as you use it till she gives the go ahead for full speed.  If you or your partner’s list of fantasies include a threesome with another man, this can be a fun and safe way to act it out.

If Mr Marcus isn’t your style consider some other excellent realistic dildos.

As with all dildos and vibrators, make sure you clean it before first use and after every time it is used.  You can use hot soapy water or a toy cleaner.  We keep it in its storage bag hidden very well, as this is one toy we could have trouble explaining to the kids if they found it.  Have fun and don’t be afraid to introduce Mr Marcus into your life.



3 thoughts on “Official Review: Doc Johnson’s Mr Marcus

    1. I think most women are open to a lot of new things, but inhibition can hold them back. While presentation varies with each introduction, as long as you keep your partner and their pleasure in mind, they can be pleasantly surprised if the mood is right.


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